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Water Citizen News (watercitizennews.com)– or “WatCit News” – is a free, independent press that provides water news and features including both “hard news” (water and policy, business, and technology) and “soft news” (water and sports and recreation, arts and entertainment, spirituality, community).You don’t have to hold degrees in science or law or work in a water profession to read Water Citizen News – our stories are written for every Water Citizen! We are a multimedia online press, telling stories through both well-written, well-researched, and well-informed text and photos and videos, infographics and audios.  Where possible, we include links to copies of original documents as well as other site to let you explore additional information on our stories. Or just skim the highlights to become a more informed Water Citizen!WatCit News provides original content content and invites active participation from water citizens.  Our team includes trained journalists and other communications experts with a strong interest in and experience with water matters, and water experts with a strong interest in and experiences with communications.  Our Water Citizen News Team is actively seeking new stories to cover and new ways to cover those stories – “telling the right water stories and telling the water stories right!“  Watch for our upcoming opportunities for Water Citizen Journalism in which YOU can send photos, videos, quotes, as well as story ideas – story assignments to be posted soon!