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New Mexico Water Data :: 2021 Plan

New Mexico Water Data 2021 Plan

August 2021

This plan was prepared by the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, in partnership with the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission; New Mexico Office of the State Engineer; New Mexico Environment Department; and New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department.

Summary of Stakeholder Perspectives on NM Water Resources and Data Needs

August 2021

Summary of information that stakeholders provided in
the questionnaires and interviews. This information will
be used to inform both the WDI and the development
of New Mexico’s 50-Year Water Plan.

New Mexico Water Data :: August Resource
New Mexico Water Data April 2020 Report

New Mexico Water Data Initiative

April 2020

Improving water management and planning by making basic, essential data interoperable.

The Water Data Act (NMSA 1978, § 72-4B)

January 2020

This act marks the first time in New Mexico’s history that a law has been enacted to identify and integrate key water data.

New Mexico Water Data Initiative Activity Update
New Mexico Water Data Workshop Summary

Water Data Workshop Summary

October 2020

At the New Mexico Water Data Workshop, approximately 80 people convened to engage in 11 unique water data challenges designed to address pressing water issues in New Mexico. They explored websites in detail as they attempted to find the necessary data to solve the challenges.


Their experiences and recommendations will be incorporated into advancing the implementation of New Mexico’s historic Water Data Act, which aims to achieve open water data, meaning anyone can access, use, re-use and redistribute data, for any purpose, without restrictions.

Other Water Data Resources

Knowledge Stream published by the Bureau of Reclamation’s Research and Development Office

Open Data Access through the Reclamation Information Sharing Environment

This link describes the Reclamation Information Sharing Environment (RISE), developed for modernized sharing of mission data that benefits the public, the private sector, and the U.S. economy. RISE includes troves of data generated by Reclamation as it carries out its water and power mission, including data on water operations, water quality, infrastructure, hydropower, and environmental resources.


Development of RISE responds to federal policy and legislative mandates to make federal data assets more “open” – that is, more easily found, shared and used by public and private sectors. Through RISE, Reclamation programs and offices can publish their datasets in open formats, enabling them to be accessed via a map interface, catalog search, time series data query, or web- service. Data types include observed, modeled or analyzed data; time series or geospatial data; and miscellaneous data such as reports and media files. RISE also centralizes Reclamation’s data publication, making it faster and easier for users to find and obtain the data they need. RISE is supported by the R&D Open Water Data program through partnerships with Reclamation regions, programs, and enterprise information management technology services.