Water Quantity

Data describing how much water is available, such as measurements of groundwater levels, reservoir levels, aquifer properties, or stream flow.

Water Quality

Data related to the chemical or biological condition of the water, such as chemistry measurements, field parameters or ecological data.

Water Use

Data related to water uses for various purposes, such as agriculture, municipal, or industrial purposes.

Water Planning

Essential data related to developing regional, county, or state water plans.


Data related to energy development, such as produced water, mining, water reuse, or hydroelectric power, for example.

Ecosystems and Wildlife

Water data within the scope of ecosystems and wildlife, such as aquatic life, watershed health, or land use.

Natural Hazards

Data related to hazards like drought, flood, storm water and public health factors.


Data that helps to manage or describe various water management structures, such as dams and reservoirs, flood control structures, acequias and ditches, or pipelines.

Climate Data

Data describing long-term weather conditions such as precipitation, drought conditions, or evaporation data.

What is the New Mexico Water Data Initiative?

We are a collaborative group working to modernize New Mexico’s water data as part of the Water Data Act. The people of New Mexico recognize the importance of a modern and agile water data infrastructure. Organized by the New Mexico Bureau of Geology, this multiyear effort will provide access to data on water quality, quantity, and usage in an open data framework to provide information critical to the responsible and responsive management of water in New Mexico.

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Water Data Partners and Sponsors

New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
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Internet of Water
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HEALY FOUNDATION primarily funds land and water projects
Bureau of Reclamation