Water Quantity

Maps, surface water and groundwater level data, USDA water supply products, aquifer test data

Water Quality

Maps, groundwater and surface water quality, agriculture discharge permits, NWQM Water Quality Portal, Coal Water and EPA Waterway information

Water Use

2015 Water Use Report, Public Water Systems search

Water Planning

NM HUC-6 Boundaries, water use, reservoirs, Agriculture Census


Coal, Oil and Gas, and Mineral data from EMNRD and State Land Offices

Ecosystems and Wildlife

Bureau of Land Management, NM Game and Fish Department, watersheds, and forest data

Natural Hazards

FEMA Flood Risk maps, Army Corps of Engineers and Forestry map data


USACE National Dam inventory and water control data, USDA NRCS products, Arch Hurley Conservancy District, New Mexico Reservoirs

Climate Data

USDA NRCS snowpack and precipitation data, Wester Regional Climate Center monitoring networks.

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New Mexico Water Data :: YouTube Channel

New Mexico Water Data Service

The Water Data Service found through this website will provide users with access to water data, tools, and information of many types from New Mexico. These data can be used to support analysis and decision making by the public, technical users or researchers.

The goal is for users to be able to find, access, and use water data and related information, including water quantity, water quality, and water use. Water data topics include water quality, water quantity, water use, climate, energy, ecosystems & wildlife, natural hazards, water planning, and infrastructure.

Our Water Data Partners

New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
New Mexico EMNRD
New Mexico Environment Department
Office of the State Engineer :: Interstate Stream Commission
HEALY FOUNDATION primarily funds land and water projects