How’s My Waterway – Watershed Academy Webinar

New Mexico Water Data :: Hows My Waterway

August 27th 2020

3 – 4 pm EST

An updated version of How’s My Waterway (HMW) was released publicly in June 2020. HMW provides a comprehensive overview of water quality data and information in the United States on three different scales: community, state and national. HMW pulls in data from eight databases across EPA through web services with the goal of answering questions about aquatic life, eating fish, swimming, drinking water, restoration and protection. This demo is meant to help users:

  • Explore information about their drinking water, local stream conditions, and whether their waterways are suitable for swimming or eating fish and if they support aquatic life.
  • Discover if their waterways are being monitored and the location of local monitoring stations.
  • Learn what issues might be affecting their waterways.

Participants will feel empowered to communicate water quality information to their community in order to restore and protect their waters.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Wetlands, Oceans & Watersheds
Dwane Young, Chief, Water Data Integration Branch
Kiki Schneider, IT Specialist, Water Data Integration Branch

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