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Our Implementation Team has extensive experience in water science, data science, hydrology, geology, policy, and New Mexico state government. We also are partnering with the Internet of Water at Duke University, DatAcequia LLC., and the Earth Data Analysis Center at the University of New Mexico.

New Mexico Water Data :: Stacy Timmons

Stacy Timmons

Stacy leads the implementation of the NM Water Data Act. Stacy is a hydrogeologist and the Associate Director for Hydrogeology at the NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources at NM Tech. Hydrogeology projects in the state require different types of water data, which has been a big motivator for improving water data access, and especially for water management and planning in NM. Stacy is a runner, rafter and enjoys hiking by the river with her family.

New Mexico Water Data :: Thushara Gunda

Thushara Gunda

Thushara Gunda is leading the Technical Working Group at NM WDI and has a background in hydrology, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations on physical and social sciences. She loves to dance and anything that involves enjoys being outside.

New Mexico Water Data :: Andrew Padilla

Andrew Padilla

Andrew leads the software development team for the NM WDI. He is founder of Datacequia and his background in software includes time as architect and engineer at IBM and others. Andrew loves family, cycling, and finding creative solutions to problems.

New Mexico Water Data :: Emily Geery

Emily Geery

Emily leads the Water Data User Group for the NM WDI, has a background in water resources and planning, and enjoys interviewing people. Most of her days begin with an early morning walk with her dog and strong cup of coffee made from coffee beans roasted at home.

New Mexico Water Data :: Jake Ross

Jake Ross

Jake is the lead software developer for NM WDI. Jake has a background in Argon geochronology and is founder of PychronLabs, a scientific software consulting firm. On nights and weekends he enjoys woodworking, wheel-thrown ceramics and building remote-controlled airplanes.

Magdalena Donahue :: New Mexico Water Data Team

Magdalena Donahue

Magdalena is a water data specialist with the NM WDI, has a background in geology and co-founded Think Ubiquitous, a company that builds decision-making software tools for data fusion and data visualization. She loves hiking with her family, running, and chocolate chip cookies.

New Mexico Water Data :: David Mattern

David Mattern

David has a background in software engineering applied to modeling and simulation for the defense industry and most recently as a contractor to NOAA at the National Water Center where he worked on the National Water Model. In his free time, David enjoys bike riding, playing sand volleyball, and taking improv and dance classes.

Working Groups

The NM WDI is made up of several teams. Each team contributes a different expertise to the Water Data effort. Each is important in making sure that the NM WDI meets the needs of the water users of New Mexico.

New Mexico Water Data :: Work Groups